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Michelle Crawford


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JD Stephens

Neck Pain & House Clearing

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Kayla Brown

small cell carcinoma brain cancer

Wild Flowers

Our family has encountered some medical conditions that the real world medical treatment was not enough. Our new 2 month old granddaughter contracted RSV She had 2 months of sounding like she breathing under water and having to sleep upright . We dedcided to seek alternate care and with one treatment with Greg the baby took a big turn for the better.  The next day no breathing treatments were needed an she was completely back to normal. Her RSV has not returned.  Our grandson who is now 3 yrs old has been slow to speak and just lacked connectivity to things.  Greg did several remote treatments and now 6 months later the beautiful child is connecting and speaking in small sentences an have less melt downs because the under developed portions of the brain are not connecting.  Im not sure how this all works.  I just know when God speaks to me about what to do for our family I follow the direction it takes me.  I feel blessed to know that there is more than real world medicine that works.


Diane Ross