Light Sails

Light sails are a sculptured plaque made from copolymers that emit several frequencies of etheric energy. Persons in the field created by these, by our much more powerful Aesclepion or Dark Tower series emitters often report a ‘tingling’ sensation like that of tissue regeneration at sites in the body where injuries have occurred. Many of us will remember having a similar sensation when, as a child, one falls off a bicycle and there’s a scab on a knee or elbow. As it heals, it may ‘itch’ or tingle and the parents warn not to scratch it because It’s natures way of healing.


As with all of our products, to persons sensitive subtle energies, the devices on your walls or in corners of your room have a “warding” effect. keeping out unwholesome influences or energies. People in the field usually report feeling high minded, without even noticing it, that there is no experience of the lower emotions, fear, anxiety, depression, or anger. This is not a medical device set, but rather a powerful spiritual talisman set, charged to keep you and your space in higher energies and Light.


Each set contains specially attuned passive etheric energy coils that pick up the universal energy, whether you call it sisu, ki, chi, or prana, and splits it into two complimentary sets of waves, then sends those waves toward the percipient.


What’s the Difference between Light Sails and Light Discs?

Brind-Gen offers you the choice of a product that is appropriate for your space and budget. The Light Sail platform is basically a 22” high X 20” wide X 3” deep polymeric plaque within a deep picture frame.


Light Sails: $600 our price if you provide the set of frames, or 600+ the cost of the frame, if we order a frame made for the project, usually around $950. Light Sails are generally placed around 20 feet apart, so they cover most bedrooms and most great rooms or dens. These are 8-wave emitters. Styles, themes, and colors vary greatly: each set a unique work of art.



 [This set of Light Sails, the theme is Sky and Earth. On L swirling dust clouds start to coalesce into planets. To R the cave wall beckons in moist stone. In the middle of each, a shungite merkaba emerges.]