Brind Etheric Energy Emitters are metaphysical devices created to help reduce & alleviate stress, depression & anxiety in the users day to day & during meditative experiences. People have for thousands of years sensed some power and energy coming from certain stones.


What the Brind-Gen Aesclepions do is to amplify it and broadcast those through a system of binary copolymers, an imbalanced magnetic array, and an aetheric coil system, bathing your whole body in an eight frequency field. It elevates your mental, emotional, and spiritual state so that you function in calm and focus. In short, it brings inner peace, making the percipient more effective in his or her own life.


Note, this is a unique set, not a standard item. Each set of Aesclepions is both a sculptural plaque and a working subtle energy system. They are hung on walls up to 35' apart, facing each other and modifying the space in between.

$1800 price