Light Disks

These discs are approximately 14” X 7” and are made for smaller spaces, or persons who are especially sensitive to energy and do not want a more powerful unit.


With both of these, each set is a unique set of art work, as well as a set of energy producing machinery. We will try to approximate a color scheme that you want for your particular décor.

Light Discs are a cast product with no frame. They use slightly smaller etheric energy coils and contain less emitter polymer, so they are used in a smaller space.


Light Discs: $300 our price, ready to hang on your wall.

Announcing: New! Light Disc Low Profile

Whereas our normal Light Disc is 14"x 7" deep and weighs about 15 lbs, we have had requests for a lower profile version with the same "punch." 

We are introducing the Light Disc Low Profile, 15" x 5" deep, but, being made of a harder, denser polymer, considerably heavier and more expensive in the materials we use, weight- 28-30 lbs. $350