Brind- Gen Etheric Energy Emitters are metaphysical devices created to help reduce or alleviate stress, depression and anxiety and enhance meditative experiences. 


People for thousands of years have sensed the raw geomantic Power of certain places or natural settings. This Power is sisu, ki, chi, or prana, whatever  one chooses to call life-force. Some people feel it from certain stones, others from a waterfall or thunderstorm. At Brind-Gen , we use a combination of exotic, free energy technologies to collect, split, and directionalize waves of life force. The net effect of these combined technologies is that It elevates your mental, emotional, and spiritual state so that you function in calm and focus.


While we cannot prescribe Brind-Gen systems for any particular ailment or physical dysfunction, we have had reports for the past twenty years from owners that those who are sensitive to subtle energies would feel a gentle pulsing or tingling at sites where the regeneration of cells might be beneficial.

Choose Your Etheric Energy Emitter

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The Light Sails, Aesclepions, and Light Discs are a canvas onto which colours, textures, and shapes can be projected. They provide art that hangs on your walls, but they do so much more! For what you might pay for a diptych at a local gallery, you receive real, sculptural plaques that project healing, regenerative energy. They also send out a higher mind vibration that imparts a sense of inner peace. Not many pieces of artwork, no matter how inspiring, do that. We do it on a molecular level, helping you experience a higher state of mind where you are above the lower emotional states of fear, anxiety, depression, or anger. While the lower vibrations are not in effect, you are open to all the positive, higher feelings and experiences. For persons wanting to meditate, or to sleep more soundly and dream more creatively, this 'art' will light the way.

Brind-Gen Etheric Energy Products


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