Personal Meditative Devices

These devices are a favorite with “psychnauts” and deep meditators. For those sensitive to subtle energies, they produce a state of relaxed awareness. The basic construction plan is multilayered composite (active) polymer with sets of miniature Lakhovsky Coils, pulling in etheric energy and sending it out in a split set of complimentary waves, which activate when the life-force emissions join in living tissues.


The basic unit is $200, but if you have a preference, as many of our PMD owners do, for a particular stone, or would like a light magnetic field built into the circuitry, just let us know. For the nominal additional cost of $5, we can add magnetic field or these less expensive stones: amethyst, sodalite, sugilite or kyanite (only one per set). The energetic essence of these stones is projected through the circuits.


For a $20 additional cost, we will build in a stone that is much harder to obtain and in limited supply: shungite.


Some people feel the benefit of having a weak magnetic field as a carrier energy and we can build the emitters with small neodymium magnets to create this effect, again at a nominal charge, $5,  making the set $205.


PMD’s $200 

Great as they are! But you can customize!

Each added stone or element: add $5 to price of set.