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At Holistic Huntsville

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

I set up two portable walls at Holstic Huntsville last Saturday, 22nd Sept. On them, I placed two sets of Dream Discs, one set of Light Sails, and one set of Aesclepion. Public were invited to hang out in chairs there and see what it felt like. This very interesting family came along, as in they were all light workers or healers and have amazing energy. I have seen pure white auras 2-3 times out of thousands of people where they are visible. The first photo is the mom and one of the grown sisters, with, I think, her two kids sitting opposite. The second photo is the other sister, just the two this time, with her daughter, white and violet, with the daughter’s having the ‘accompanier orb’ that we know is a spirit guide in bright yellow light. It’s really gratifying to see how some people just light up when exposed to the life-force emitters.

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