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Vortex Stone for Restoration

I’m happy to announce the latest Brind-Gen product: Vortex Stones.

The Vortex, the Bengtstrom, when, how, and why....

It was April 1st, ominously April Fools Day, 2006. I was doing landscape designs at the time, in addition to my main work as a Tietaja. I had been out with a crew since about 6am, building some terraced flower beds on a hillside. I had a meeting with an architect at 1:30 that day and had come home to shower just after noon, grace a snack, and head out. I had the drafts of the project he’d asked a proposal on in the house and needed to go home to get these anyway.

As I stepped out of my truck, my Motorola flip phone registered a call from  nNo Number”. I answered it. A man’s voice, perfect English, unaccented, but not mechanical-sounding, spoke, “We have set up a vortex, a Bengtstrom, as we call it, behind your garage, three paces from the NE corner of the concrete apron behind the garage’s back door. We placed another one in Siberia at the home of one of your fellows, who lives there.You or any visitor may use the Bengtstrom to draw out of you anything, any property you want to release. It will also serve as a portal for communication with higher realms of consciousness. You have some iron boundary takes in the bed of your truck. Please drive one in at that location.” “He” went on a bit more, and, curious, I went to the spot and drove in the spike, nearly to ground level, knowing I was going to cut my grass within the week.

When I set it up, I stood there for a moment, not feeling anything but a light rocking sensation, which I attributed to being hungry and anxious to make the meeting. Two weeks, two very busy weeks, during which I did not have the opportunity to go stand on the spot went by and I was visiting with the lady I was dating at the time, Yamile, who could always feel and see things that most of the rest of us cannot. I was preparing our lunch in my kitchen, which is adjacent to the garage. 

At the time, I had a rocking chair and she was rocking and chatting with me while I cooked. She finally got a surprised look and said, “What are those lines of force I’m feeling when I move back and forth here?” My first response was that I did not know, but then I remembered the strange phone call. I told her about it and asked her if there was any connection. I had not told her the location, just that the voice had told me to go drive a stake in the back yard and what it was trying, through me, to set up.

She stood up, walked to the door to the deck, opposite from the garage, pointed right at the area, and said, “It’s coming from over there.” She went and stood on the spot, ”Greg, you have a vortex in your yard. You didn’t have this before.” 

She went to stand in that spot and I was glad I’d driven the stake to nearly ground level so that she didn’t trip over it. I saw her tall, thin form start swaying with it. Then I tried it and realized that, in the two weeks since “they” whoever they were, installed it, the power had amped up.

It had been the month before, in an incident I covered in my book, Contact and Cosmology, that happened the prior month, March 6th, 2006, that I was invited to visit with one of the Nordic ET peoples and had an opportunity to inter each with a few of them at that time. Only later did I connect the dots: it was they who installed the bengtstrom. 

My battery in the phone had gone bad, so about a week after Yamile’s visit, I had to go to my regional carrier, Corr Wireless, since then bought out by ATT, to get a replacement battery for my cell phone. While I was there, I asked the customer service person if she could tell me what “No Number” meant, as that was the only time I had ever seen that in the phone’s caller ID. She said. “That is not one of our outgoing messages.” Then she got a supervisor, who said the same thing and then pulled my record. She was stunned. It was the only time this message appeared, but, there it was in my phone record, a call from “No Number.” I had gotten calls from “private number,” “blocked number”, and “unknown caller,”” but never this message. It was one more marker of their high strangeness. Another might have been the fact that the ET’s call had taken exactly 2:22.

A year later, 04/01/07 they called again, this time from “000-000-0000” and, again, I was to be told that this was not a number that my phone could display, although it was there, in my record of calls... This time the voice told me that they had improved the function of the Bengtstoms. Now, instead of just taking out whatever a person wanted to release, they sent up, simultaneously, a CCW spiral of golden light, shaped, actually, like a tornado. The purpose of this I was told, was to bring in cellular regeneration and a sense of well-being.

Flash forward 9 years and my friend from Argentina, retired triple board certified physician (Pediatrics, Genetics,  Internal Medicine) Dr. Osvaldo Demo, had come up to stay with me and study what a shamanic healer does. While he was here, a “Nordic” came to the front door, then came inside while I was preparing  breakfast. When he walked out the front door, he simply vanished. While here, for a few minutes, he told me what was needed in order to install additional bengtstroms. While Oz (as all his friends call him) was here, he helped me and we propagated five additional vortices. Since his going back home in early 2017, I havre installed many more, so it is doable.

These would be put in your land and send a Fibonacci Spiral type of wave out through the surrounding area. They infuse the whole house and land with life fore, but it gets better....

Vortex Stones

They have stayed in touch hand helped with inventions ever since the 2006 visit to Telos, one of their Terran outposts. Over the past two years, i kept getting the impression- I guess the trendy word is “download”- that is is possible to catch this life-force generating energy and permanently generate it into spaces which do not have a vortex in the earth. 

I had long been aware of crystal mats, John of God mats, and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) mats, one of which I got just a few months back, but all involved finding time to lay on a mat, not do anything for a while, and a limited time to use. In fact, many PEMF mats  do not recommend using more than 15-20 minutes. After much experimentation, I modified three polymers that I was making for other free energy devices and found that, if I added some other structures, I could capture and re-generate, continually, the vortex energy. I decided to call these Vortex Stones, although they are actually of three different long-chain copolymers, but are as hard as some stones and as heavy. Using my System Seven Engineering aura (ion imaging) photo software, I was able to document the energy given off by these devices. 

To begin with, I want to dispel the notion that, any time you see an energy device that looks like a form of plastic, as opposed to wood, glass, or metal... that this is “organite.” I have nothing against ”orgonite ” and am acquainted with a man in NE Alabama who makes some very good organite. His does not use any exotic materials nor involve any complex manufacturing, just polyethylene resin, BB’s (as would work in an air rifle), metal shavings, and quartz crystals with a raw copper spiral at the bottom. I thought it would be interesting to view the field of his 4” H X 7” Diameter mound-shaped device with my 4 3/4” long X 2 3/4”wide X 1 3/4-2” high (some fluctuations in polymer end sizing). A comparison of the energy fields is instructive;

Here’s the energy field of the much larger orgone unit:

Now, compare the size and field strength (density of field as seen in the ionization pattern) with that of the Vortex Stone at half the size and cost:

And just to simplify further, here, side by side, are the two units, the $145 orgonite dome and the  Vortex Stone $65 (if it were bought separately; in a grouping for your bedroom, the price is  only $58.33.

The Field of Vortex Stones where you sleep

Here is an etheric photo of a bed with vortex stones, 12 of them, in four columns of 3 each atop the box springs of a queen sized bed:

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the words of a Brind-Gen Vortex Stones owner on his first morning after sleeping on the stones is worth hearing:

“Greg thank for sharing this latest invention, these emitters. The 12 you placed under my mattress had an amazing effect. When i woke up today felt like i was on a cloud, floating on air. My head was clear. My day was perfectly organized in my mind’s eye, no fog there! And I was pain free, despite, as you know, working a job that is very physically taxing.

I’m not the only one who loved it! My “kids” had gotten in the habit of going out through the cat door and playing all night. This night was different. They were drawn to the energy like a magnet! I took a picture of the night crew out like a light, soaking it up.” JD Stephens, 60, contractor, Harvest, AL, USA.

Queen Adjustable Bed, raided to install 12 stones beneath mattress:

Two Etheric photos, using German Systems Seven Engineering Aura Photography (detects ionic dispersion around people, plans, cats, objects, etc.) : First of these two taken one minute after installation; Second taken five minutes after installation, so one may visualize the full etheric perfusion:

A Crystal healing bed costs around $3000. I found a bargain for 2750 Euros (2974$). A Bemer Magnetic Field Mat (PEMF) is $4995. A set of 12 Vortex Stones, which you can easily stick onto your box springs with two-sided tape or the two-sided adhesive squares, is $700. No electricity is needed to use. No apparatus must be unloaded, stored, or taken care of. Just place them beneath your bed and enjoy a sense of restoration and renewal every time you sleep or relax or prop up and read in bed, in short, every time you’re in the Violet Ray energy often associated with the European mystic Francis Rackosi (St. Germain).

They are rugged, almost unbreakable, and if you write me, at and place an order, shipping will be quoted at that time. FEDEX, USPS, or UPS are all available.

Experience the healing, renewing power of the torsion field today. Let Vortex Energy work for you!


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